Who are we ?

iShoot Productions

iShoot Productions is an international film organization bringing together professionals from the film and television industry.

Our aim is to promote cinematographic creation through the production and co-production of short films, feature films, documentaries and other audiovisual works as well as the sharing of cinematographic techniques with the objective of supporting artistic and technical production at a competitive level with a high degree of requirement

Associate Members

iShoot Productions and its associated structures bring together their members and technical means, giving a total autonomy in the audio-visual production in all the domains of competences (writing, Directing, Cinematography, equipment hiring, post-production image and sound, DCP. ...)

Aurore Productions

Film production company accredited by C.N.C. It has produced motion pictures and television programs since 1992. Aurore Productions has large production facilities available for rent for film and television.

United Films

Founded in 1977, UNITED FILMS is an approved association of Popular Cultural Education by Ministerial Order. UNITED FILMS, Regional Center for Cinematographic and Audiovisual Creation and Resources, supports cross border audiovisual creation, promotes and disseminates works produced in cross-border regions, notably through the organization of Cross-Border Cinema Evenings.

Starlight Productions

Created in 1983, the vocation of the Economic Interest Grouping STARLIGHT PRODUCTIONS is to support and produce cinematographic films of authors. STARLIGHT PRODUCTIONS is licensed as a film producer by the National Center for Cinematography. 

A production tool: For more than 25 years, STARLIGHT PRODUCTIONS has produced and co-produced shortfilms.

Technical means: Thanks to logistics and technical resources, STARLIGHT PRODUCTIONS has enabled many professionals to create films in the regions. 

A shooting studio: Technical means of shooting, machinery, lighting. Movie and video editing rooms.

Les Archives cinématographiques de l'est (ACE)

Since 1969, the association aims to maintain the cinematographic heritage by the conservation, the restoration and the screening of cinematographic archives. Based in the Great East, it is the largest structure in eastern France to hold film prints of 35mm - 16mm - 9,5mm - 8mm

Honorary MEMBERS

David Stump, ASC

Dwight D. Campbell

Ron L. Vidor


Valentin P. Alt

Stephanie K. Siebering

Jean Birckel

Cyril Busca

Lucas Erbs

Daniel Collin

Clint Killin

Severine Meyer

Viviane Leis

Thibaud Killin

Pierre Alt

Marie-Liliane Collin