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iShoot Productions' ability to produce content of high production value reflects upon the exceptionnal talent and equipment of its member professionals who have contributed to the making of some of Hollywood's most iconic feature films and television shows in the last forty years.

ISP objective: Special attention to scheduling and time budget management without compromise to exceptionnal product delivered in a timely manner at competitive pricing levels.

Our technical prowess allows for seamless curatorship of image from pre-production to deliverables using high-end worflows including ACES by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. On set DIT and Dailies rendering through to the final color grading and mastering.

A digital cinema package consisting of Steadicam, Arri and Sony cameras that give us the ability to achieve the look and feel of films nominated in the last ten Oscar and Emmy Awards Ceremonies.

Modern and vintage Cooke lenses contributing to the aesthetic of story.

Grip and lighting package to paint with light.

In-house producing, writing, directing and editing services available upon request.

Los Angeles Based Crew

Valentin P. Alt

Valentin P. Alt

Cinematographer & Colorist

Research specialist in camera specs relating to resolution, codecs, color science, motion artefacts, moire, aliasing, etc. If you can control all the variables from set to post, it allows for manipulation of the movie's aesthetic.

Credits: French National Television. Documentaries: Sarreguemines dans la tourmente, La Serie Mosaik, Joan of Arc and many others

David Stump, ASC

David Stump, ASC

Cinematographer / VFX DP / VFX Supervisor


Emmy and Academy Award Winner

Lifetime achievement award from IMAGO

Credits: X-Men 1&2, Quantum of Solace, Batman Forever, Mars Attacks, American Gods, Rambo 3, Star Trek: First Contact, among many others

Participating to the ACES Academy project
Author of "Digital Cinematography"

Ron Vidor, SOC

Ron Vidor

Director of Photography, Camera Operator

Special skills: Steadicam, Underwater, Handheld, Camera on horse and skies, Stunt photography, Camera Choreography, Technocrane and Remote heads. 

Credits: Rocky, Sting, Grease, Jaws, Romancing the Stone, Stand by Me, Boogie Nights, ER, Dallas...

Pioneered in the developpement and implementation of the steadicam systems and top first assistant cameraman for ten years in Hollywood.

Dwight D. Campbell

Dwight Campbell

Gaffer & Lighting director

Lit for noted cinematographers: Mikael Salomon (ASC), Alex Thomson (BSC), Kees Van Oostrum (ASC), John Newby (ASC), Sean Phillips (ASC), Julio Macat (ASC), Antonio Riestra (ASC), Reed Smoot (ASC).

Credits: The Abyss, Titanic, Avatar, Alien 3, The Fighter, Last Action Hero, Backdraft, Batman and many others

Eamon Shannon

Eamon Shannon

Grip - Lighting

The art of grip and lighting is a matter of achieving grace in the midst of chaos. Making the effort for excellence is achieved through a strong foundation of preparation, communication and skill of a craftsman in a team effort. It is the last three percent of work that makes it worthy of recognition. It is not always achieved, but it is always worked towards. 

Credits: Hawaii 5-0, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Jurrasic World, Magnum PI, Midway, Godzilla....


Tim Lott

Writer - Director

IP Development and Original Content, Jeff Gordon: Writer's Bootcamp

Skills: Assistant Local 600 Int. Cinematographers Guild, Friend Of The ASC, Camera Dept. Network Sitcoms James Burroughs, “Frasier,” Chuck Lorre, “Dharma And Greg,”Film/commercials, DP’s Allen Daviau ASC, Curtis Clark ASC, Julio Macat ASC, Ric Waite ASC, Andy Laslo ASC, Adrian Biddle BSC 

Theater: Tim Robbins-Actor's Gang, Stuart Rogers-Theater Tribe, Beverly Hills Playhouse-Milton Katselas, Larry Moss, John Ruskin - Misner, Classical Dance: Marat Daukeyev Kirov Mariienski Theater, St. Petersburg, Colleen O'Calaghan-ABT, Gloria Mohr-Buslik-NYC Ballet Patricia Denisova- Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo

Vanessa Victoria

Vanessa Victoria

Costume designer - Art director - Production designer 

Film is not only an art but a science, a moving feast, millions of beautiful photographs set in motion, dancing to music, to carefully chosen language, costumes and wardrobe; a compendium of textures, props and color schemes that compose an entirely crafted or curated mini-universe, in which wonderful actors breathe life onto the written word. All this is beautifully exposed by transporting and highly technical lighting, captured by the great and meticulous eye and skill of the cinematographer, and threaded as a story by the editor, all happening according to the eagle-eye vision of the director. Good films are visual symphonies on the screen and masterfully tuned human ensembles behind the scenes. Helping conceive and construct the architecture of a film is a profound privilege. An architect requires a builder and vice-versa, I consider myself a builder who is often asked to play architect along with many other wonderful crafters. 
Vanessa has been a professional fashion and costume designer since 2005 through her own brand and costume atelier called Nuvula, which she cofounded with her sister. She has worked as an art director and costume designer since 2011 and has participated as such in 5 independent films, and in several music videos. She has also served as the production designer for Brisk Theater Festival since 2019, and has designed the costumes and sets for numerous short plays and independent films. All of these small film projects have participated in international film festivals and some have earned recognition.

Kacey Leggio

Kacey Leggio

Writer - Director

Directing and writing a movie is a dance between imagination and reality; it's the ultimate journey of storytelling, transforming words into a visual tapestry. This art form requires an intricate balance of creativity, technical skills, leadership, and empathy, to breathe life into characters and narratives. It's about capturing human emotions and experiences, and crafting them into a compelling and immersive cinematic experience. Mastering this craft demands a deep understanding of storytelling principles, visual aesthetics, and the magic of collaboration. In essence, directing and writing is the art of bringing dreams to the silver screen.

Gib Jaffe 

Gib Jaffe

Film Editor

Gib mentored under and partnered with editing great Carol Littleton. Veteran of forty films, he also honed his skills in Sound Editing with Oscar winner Frank Warner on “Close Encounter Of The Third Kind.”

Film Credits: Rapid Fire- 20th Century Fox, They Live - Universal Pictures, ET, Body Heat, Manchurian Candidate, Rambo First Blood Part 2, Ruthless People with (Arthur Schmidt,) They Live, and in television Battlestar Galactica- Sci-Fi Channel, Season 3.

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