Sélection (sur)naturelle

Selection surnaturelle

A sorceress must sit at a local satanic convention but she has to vie for the privilege with three "fellow colleagues". A regular battle ensues in which absolutely anything goes.

Type: Comedy - Sci-Fi

A Valentin Alt movie

Assistant director: Daniel Collin
Cinematographer: Valentin Alt
Assistant camera: Jean Birckel
Writers: Daniel Collin, Guy Bellinger
Sound: Thibaud Killin
Grip: Sébastien Lutz
Still photography: Alban Fischer
Scripts: Florent Manzi, Marie-Liliane Collin
Voice-Over, Music: Jean Birckel
Producer: Pierre Alt
Executive Producer: Gilles Houver

Casting: The Diable: Clint Killin
Vilma: Charlotte Joaquim
Zelda: Myriam Hoffmann
Moira: Julie Krebs
The 3rd witch: Marie-Liliane Collin

Equipment provided by: Starlight Productions, United Films

High Définition H264 - 403,7 MO
Length: 5 minutes 57 seconds

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