The Masterpiece

Sam Farkwar

Alone in his apartment, a photographer, successful in the eyes of all. But at the twilight of his career the man experiences a feeling of failure. Never indeed has he managed to take the snapshot he has dreamed of so much, the captured fragment of time that would have been his masterpiece...

Type: Fiction

A Valentin Alt movie

Cinematographer, Monteur: Valentin Alt
1st assistant director: Pierre Hertzog Zins
Writer: Daniel Collin
Dialogues: Eric Nourry
Sound: Thibaud Killin
Grip: Eric Gross
Still photogrpaher: Alban Fischer
Visual Effects: Florian Schneider
Artistic consultant: Daniel Collin
Co-Producer: Pierre Alt

Casting: Clint Killin
Léa Banachowski

Award: Mention Spéciale di Jury au festival international du Luxembourg (special jury mention)
Equipment provided by: Starlight Productions, United Films

High Definition H264 - 516,3 MB
Length: 5 minutes 30 seconds

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